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Installing on Windows XP

Click through to ignore any security warnings.

Installing Directly On a PC/Laptop with Internet Access

Click here to download the current fully-functional version of LaneMaster.

When you see this screen, select “Open” …

Open the .zip file

Once the file downloads, it will open up in WinZip (or your favorite unzip program).

It is easiest if you double-click to run LM setup.exe directly from WinZip...

Ready to run

...then just follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup:


Installing on a PC/Laptop without Internet Access

Click here to download the latest fully-functional version of LaneMaster.

To install LaneMaster on a machine without Internet access, you can extract the file to the location of your choice,

such as a memory stick or disk. Start by clicking Save at this point…

Save Option

Once LaneMaster.zip is downloaded, navigate to it and double-click to open it...

LMSetup inside LaneMaster.zip

Extract the LMSetup.exe file from LaneMaster.zip to the location of your choice, either on your hard drive...

Extract the LMSetup file

Once LMSetup.exe has been extracted from LaneMaster.zip onto this machine,

you can copy LMSetup.exe directly from Windows Explorer to the disk or stick.

LMSetup.exe in Windows Explorer

Of course, you could also copy directly to the memory stick or disk in the first place!

Now you can take the file to another machine, navigate to it from "My Computer",

double-click on “LMsetup.exe”, and follow the on-screen prompts to install LaneMaster.


Click here to download the LaneMaster User's Manual (.pdf format)

Once LaneMaster is installed, most users will be able to download and install directly

from the program (“Help > Update LaneMaster”) rather than updating from this page.